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1Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Moment of Silence
1Proclaiming December 18, 2021 as International Day of the Migrant in the City of Grand Junction
1To the Commission on Arts and Culture
1Citizen Comments
1City Manager Report
1Council Reports
1An Ordinance Appropriating Certain Sums of Money to Defray the Necessary Expenses and Liabilities of the City of Grand Junction, Colorado and the Downtown Development Authority for the Year Beginning January 1, 2022 and Ending December 31, 2022
1A Resolution Accepting the Petition for the Annexation of 5-Acres of Land and an Ordinance Annexing and Zoning the Cross Orchards Annexation to CSR (Community Services and Recreation) and R-4 (Residential - 4 du/ac), Located at 3073 and 3075 Patterson Road, and 2943-091-30-004, a Parcel with No Physical Address
1Non-Scheduled Citizens & Visitors
1Other Business