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1Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Moment of Silence
1Proclaiming February 27, 2022 as National TRiO Day in the City of Grand Junction
1To the Horizon Drive Association Business Improvement District
1Citizen Comments
1City Manager Report
1Council Reports
15Contract to Purchase Grand Junction CRI
1An Ordinance Amending Title 21 of the Grand Junction Municipal Code to Modify Residential Density Regulations in the B-1 (Neighborhood Business), C-1 (Light Commercial), M-U (Mixed Use), and BP (Business Park Mixed Use) Zoning Districts
1An Ordinance Making Supplemental Appropriations
14An Ordinance Rezoing 2.4 Acres from R-4 (Residential 4 du/ac) to R-5 (Residential 5 du/ac), Located at 639 Pioneer Road
15A Resolution Accepting the Petition for the Annexation of 9.84 Acres of Land and Ordinances Annexing and Zoning the Brown Property Annexation to R-4 (Residential - 4 du/ac), Located at 2537 G 3/8 Road
1An Ordinance Rezoning Lot 7, Block 5, Cimarron Mesa Subdivision - 16.70 Acres Total from R-4 (Residential 4 du/ac) to R-8 (Residential 8 du/ac), Located South of Hwy 50 and West of B 1/2 Road
1Non-Scheduled Citizens & Visitors
1Other Business
16Adjournment to Executive Session